Learn the Joy of Flight Through RC Airplanes

Find the right RC airplane for you in Brewer, ME

In addition to an RC car, you might also love an RC airplane. These remote-control vehicles give you the experience of taking off and flying your own airplane without having to go up yourself.

King's Mountain RC can sell you a top-quality RC airplane in Brewer, ME. These little machines are a great hobby for just about anyone. They're great family fun, and everyone can get involved in the purchase, building and flying of the plane. We even find that licensed pilots love to try their hand at flying these mini-planes.

The RC aircraft fleet includes a wide range of machines. Build and fly your own:

  • RC trainer airplane
  • RC sport airplane
  • RC aerobatic airplane
  • RC floatplane
  • RC helicopter
  • RC Jet

Purchase your RC airplane at our hobby store in Brewer, ME. If your new aircraft gets into trouble, bring it back in for an RC airplane repair.

Remote-control flying is fun for the whole family

Remote-control flying is fun for the whole family

If you're ready to try an RC airplane for the first time, or if you're a pro looking to get a new type of aircraft, the staff at King's Mountain RC can help you find just what you need. You can build planes from scratch or try out a foam starter plane. We're here to serve every hobbyist through RC airplane sales, service and repair.

Come in today to learn more about your RC airplane repair in Brewer, ME.