Experience The Thrill of Boat Racing

Experience The Thrill of Boat Racing

Get your new remote-control boat in Brewer, ME

If you already love RC cars, imagine the excitement of racing them on water. That's what you get to do with RC boats. At King's Mountain RC, we have all types of remote-control boats-beginner boats, advanced boats and every kind in between. We also offer remote-control boat repair services. Reach out to us to find out more about this exciting RC hobby.

Try a new remote-control boat from our store in Brewer, ME today.

If your remote-control boat breaks, our team can fix it

If you're looking for a truly impressive remote-control boat, come to King's Mountain RC. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will teach you how to put your boat together, how to drive it remotely and how to maintain it so it lasts a long time. If your boat breaks or has a mechanical issue, bring it back for remote-control boat repair.

Service is important at King's Mountain RC, so we'll even repair boats that didn't come from our store. Learn everything you need to know about your remote-control boat at our hobby store in Brewer, ME today.