Join the Ranks and Fly Your Own Drone

Join the Ranks and Fly Your Own Drone

Check out our drone store and more in Brewer, ME

The ultimate remote-controlled vehicle is the drone. Who hasn't dreamed of flying a cool drone around the neighborhood, taking pictures and checking out how things look from the air? Drones are the newest craze in remote-controlled vehicles. They can fly quite high for long distances. Some drones even require a special license to fly them.

At King's Mountain RC, you can learn all about drones and pick up one for yourself at our drone store. Or, you can bring yours in for a drone repair.

Visit the drone store in King's Mountain RC today, located in Brewer, ME.

Your local source for drone care and repair

Keeping up with the maintenance of your drone is part of being a good owner. A drone is meant for outdoor use, but it's usually not as rugged as most outdoor equipment. At King's Mountain RC, we're happy to provide:

  • Drone maintenance
  • Drone repair
  • Drone replacement

You can also purchase drone parts from us if you want to fix things up yourself. Bring your drone down to our drone store in Brewer, ME for a fast, reliable repair now.